White on White

White on White was an intervention on San Mateo beach in Valparaiso, Chile, on November 27th, 2010, where a group of 18 children from the Mar Abierto School performed a 40 minute score written specifically for them and the Tsonami Sound Art Festival.

20 tables along the coast with 20 metal boxes with glass marbles of different sizes and a hand massager which, when turned on and placed inside the box, produced a stream of white noise due to the constant rattle of the glass against the metal.

The work takes its name from Kazimir Malevich's painting as it tries to create a new level of white noise as it puddles with the sea, without interfering with the environment.

Sincere thanks to Fernando Godoy, Danilo Echeverría, Katia Guiloff, Daniela León and the children from the Mar Abierto School.

Video by Daniela León Landeros

General Soundscape 4 track recording on a Zoom H4n by Sebastián Jatz Rawicz

Close-up Recording on a Sony Minidisc Mz-Nh1 by Lukax Santana


Photographs by Carlos Ormazábal©2010