The Shakespeare Experience

Several years in and around the works of William Shakespeare, whoever he might have been, as an actor, translator, interpreter and composer.

As an actor, playing with The Grange Players the roles of Cupid in Much Ado About Nothing (1994), Sebastian in Twelfth Night (1996 and 2002), Macbeth in Macbeth (1997) and Jacques in As You Like It (1997). In early 2008 as King Lear in the short film Rey y Mendigo from La Patraña Company in 2009/2010 as Baptista Minola in The Taming of the Shrew directed by Raimundo Guzmán and in 2010 as Oberon in Midsummer night's dream directed by Francisco Ahumada.





Bautista Minola


As a translator, translating the book "Freeing Shakespeare's Voice" by Kristin Linklater and "transposing" The Life of Timon of Athens into La Fabulosa Sátira Trágica de Santiago.

As an interpreter, translating simultaneously for the Welsh director Ian Wooldridge while he did Macbeth and a Shakesperean acting workshop at Matucana 100 as a part of the “Escena Británica en Chile” by Santi Producciones in 2007. For this same project, in 2008, once again as an intepreter for Ian Wooldridge for his Shakesperean acting workshops carried out at SIDARTE and the Theatre School at the Universidad Finis Terrae.

As a composer, composing A Fool (2006) for two actors, using as text Jacques' speech in As You Like It, Act II, scene vii.