Palomitas al Cuadrado

Palomitas al Cuadrado ["square popcorn" and also "square pigeons"] was the third part of a hommage to Olivier Messiaen, where, through different strategies, the birds create and play music.

This intervention was the most basic version of this idea: different amplified musical instruments are coated with honey and popcorn is stuck on the keys, strings and skins, so the pigeons in the area may eat the popcorn and produce an aleatoric music , transforming their role within the public space as the place itself.  

The content and duration of the piece is determined by the pigeons behaviour and their willingness to feed and produce music. 

. Sunday October 25th, 2009 . 12:00pm . Tsonami Festival. Plaza O'Higgins . Valparaíso . Chile