1. AU (2000) five cymbals and a tam-tam

First piece of music written while studying composition in Chile. This is a recording of it's premiere at the Universidad Católica, performed by Ariel Zaviezo, Alvaro Ortega, Laura Medina, Jorge Olivares y Jorge Morales.

Its name is threefolded: the first and last vocal, an expression of pain in spanish and gold in the periodic table. The cymbal is is the non-amplified instrument that can reach the highest decibels. 


2. Asterión (2001) solo oboe 

Performed by Víctor Astorga at the Universidad Católica.

The oboist must find his own way through the maze of possibilities. Its name comes from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges.


3. Eupraxía (2002) two violins

Recording of Isidro Rodriguez and Cecia Carrére performing at the chapel in The Grange School, included in the CD "Construir, Sonar, Pensar" and later performed at different venues. Its name is of greek origin, meaning good or beautiful work.



4. Gran Asterión (2003) piccolo concerto per oboe

Recording of its performance by Víctor Astorga and the Chilean Symphonic Orchestra. Later performed at Valparaíso.

Rewriting of "Asterion" a solo oboe piece.


5. Sennet (2004) brass quintet

Fisrt piece written while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Recording of its premiere at the Duke's Hall.

Sennet is a word used by Shakespeare as a trumpet call for an actor that comes on stage.



6. Bufar (2005) children string orchestra

Recording of its premiere by the children's string orchestra from the Centre for Young Musicians at the Christ Church in Spitalfields, London.

Its name is once again threefolded: in Spanish bufar is the animal snort, bufar relates to the "buffo" which is laughter (and Lachenmann means "the laughing man") and because Bufar in English could be pronounced as "view far", which was one of my aims, to show these young musicians a further view of what music could be.  



7. Logbook (2005) choir

Recording of its premiere by the BBC Choir at the David Josefowitz Hall at the RAM.

It is made out of excerpts from Christopher Columbus' Diaries, phonetically written in order to be sung in Spanish.



8. Thimble (2006) solo clarinet 

Recording of its premiere by Andrew Harper at the Duke's Hall at the RAM.

Like a thimble to a finger.



9. Masque (2006) jazz band

Recording of its premiere by an ensamble of RAM students at the Spitz.

The name speaks for itself.



10. Unnamable (2006) wind sextet

Recording of its premiere by the London Sinfonietta at the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the South Bank.

Nothing to say about it.


11. A fool (2006) two actors

Recording of the workshop at the New Vic Theatre in London.

Text from Jacques in Act 2, scene vii in Shakespeare's As You Like It.



12. Preliminary study for antimusic (2006) pierrot lunaire quintet

Recording of its only performance by an ensamble of RAM students.

It consists of a transposition of a firecracker competition in Valencia, Spain, using only one pitch in an attempt to explore the beginnings of antimusic.