One Hundred Extended Geometrical Chords

Cien Acordes Geométricos Extendidos (One Hundred Extended Geometrical Chords) is an organ piece that lasts for 90 days. The piece is composed of 100 chords and 76 silences. 76 people play in relays each day (or not) at 11:00 and/or at 17:00 one chord lasting between 1 and 6 hours. Chords which are longer than 6 and up to 24 hours will are played with an object on the keys, and silences will be performed by the absence of someone at the shop window. 

The 76 people/organists come from different backgrounds: artists from varied disciplines, architects, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, as well as teenagers and unemployed people. All were be payed for their performances with the monies available for the project.

The sound of the organ is barely audible from the street due to the daily movement of the city's main street. The pedestrian may distinguish a soft sound by placing one ear on the windowpane or by entering the shop window and taking a seat by the organ. The continuous sound may be listened to from different places.  

The piece offers an immutable and non-obsctructive state, focusing on what is non invasive, calm and long lasting, a meditative state in contrast to the daily buzzle and hurry of its location.
For the organists it offers a chance for persistance, a focused attention and the contribution to a work which is larger than themselves.
For the audience-pedestrian it is a chance to stop for a while to listen, wether it be the subtle sound coming from the windowpane or the trance-like experience of the endless and pervasive sound seated next to the organist.  

Cien Acordes Geométricos Extendidos is a hommage to North American composer John Cage, one of the most radical artists of our time. The title of this piece is an acronym on his surname and the one hundred chords where selected from five of his keyboard pieces: Metamorphosis (1938); Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano (1948); Changes (1951); Etudes Australes (1975) y One5 (1990.)

Cien Acordes Geométricos Extendidos was performed from January 23rd to April 23rd at the Puma shop window at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM) in Santiago, Chile, having won the audience award of the first Puma Canvas competition. 

67 minutes of chord No.67 by Rodrigo Acevedo

3 months in 3 minutes. from Sebastián Jatz Rawicz on Vimeo.

Puma Canvas # 5 Sebastián Jatz from PLANTA on Vimeo.


Calendar and Participants

100. Polett Delon

99. Rosa Vergara

98. 18h

97. María José Contreras

96. 18h

95. Javiera Peón-Veiga

94. Nicole L'Huillier

93. Sebastián Pinto

92. Ignacio Erlwein

91. Germán Gana

90. Giancarlo Fernández

89. 10h

88. Alvaro Núñez

87. Eduardo Ñáñez

86. 24h

85. Curro Guerrero

84. Luis Vargas

83. 24h

82. Elisita Balbontín

81. Daniel Marabolí

80. Cristina Tàpies

79. Juan Pablo Abalo

78. Armando Saragoni

77. Ramiro Molina

76. 10h

75. Katrin Muller

74. - - -
73. - - -

72. 24h

71. 24h

70. Pedro Sepúlveda

69. Arturo Franco

68. Juan Carlos Gutierrez

67. Rodrigo Acevedo

66. Niles Atallah

65. Jaime Nunez

64. Juan Espinoza

63. Cristian Parker

62. Antonia Peon-Veiga

61. Karla Muller

60. Rayen Mitrovich

59. Gregorio Loarte

58. Amelia Trombetti

57. Pablo Fernández

56. Trinidad Piriz

55. Andrés Chinchón

54. 24h

53. 10h

52. Arturo Domínguez

51. Bernardita Castillo

50. Alan Lamur

49. Fernando Godoy

48. Rodrigo Ríos

47. 24h

46. Ignacia Velásquez

45. Andrea Rioseco

44. Carolina Jabre

43. Miguel Angel Díaz

42. 24h

41. 24h

40. 24h

39. Christian Delon

38. Sebastián Jatz

37. Alvaro Castro

36. 24h

35. 18h

34. Gisela Frick

33. Christian Carrión

32. 18h

31. Benjamín Labatut

30. Valeria Jara

29. Daniel Cartes

28. 18h


27. Raúl Miranda

26. Raúl Donoso

25. Javiera Hernández

24. 24h

23. Magdalena Leturia

22. Antonia Moreno

21. Fernanda Ortega

20. 10h

19. Lucas Gnecco

18. Francisco Castillo

17. Cristóbal Menares

16. Rogelio González

15. 10h

14. 18h

13. Sebastián Astete

12. Andrés Gaete

11. Hugo Alfaro

10. 24 horas - prótesis sobre el teclado

9. Gerson Gutiérrez

8. Simón Lobos

7. Nicolás Aguirre

6. 24 horas - prótesis sobre el teclado

5. Cecilia Beltrami

Acorde No.4 Samuel Toro

acorde No.3 Adán Fresard

acorde No.2 Cristóbal Cornejo

acorde No.1 Pedro Chirinos