Milk Drops

"A peephole into a resonant dark room, placed just a few blocks from Eleuterio Ramirez and Blanco Streets, where a building with the same name houses a school for deaf children."

Milk Drops [Gotas de Leche] was an installation in a shipping container placed at the Brasil Square in Valparaíso, Chile, between November 8th and 21st, 2011, as part of both the Tsonami Sound Art Festival and the Container Theatre Festival.

The shipping container was located between the British Arch and the Public Library N.1, lying on its side, completely locked up.

On the opposite side of the closed doors there was a peephole and a push button, alongside a photograph and an informative sign.

The photograph displayed the Gotas de Leche building, an Art Decó construction which once belonged to a twentieth century institution working with children's malnutrition. Some 20 years ago that institution left and a school for deaf children began to use the building.

The turned container was apparently lifeless, if one stood backwards two steps away you couldn't tell it was there. If you placed your ear on one of the walls you could listen to the pattering in constant transformation.

If one looked through the peephole while pressing the button, you could guess a minute movement amidst the darkness. The filmed document, kindly done by Nayra Ilic, shows much more than what could actually be seen with the naked eye.

Inside, the dripping system, amplification and peephole.

While setting up the installation I filmed some minutes of the external view from the container unto Victoria Square, much more captivating than what I was doing.