Campaneros de Santiago

“Campaneros de Santiago” began in october 2012 based on the bell research conducted by Eduardo Sato, subsequently published as “Con mi voz sonora, campanas y toques de campana en la Catedral y otros templos históricos de Santiago (1789-1899)” [Ediciones UAH, 2018]. 

“Campaneros de Santiago” is a group of bell ringers reviving local traditional bell ringing based on the ecclesiastical ordinances that regulated bell ringing during colonial and republican Santiago. Said bell ringing is carried out in diverse temples in the city (San Francisco, Santo Domingo, San Ignacio, San Agustín, etc.), according to the relevant dates of the lithurgical calendar (Holy Week, Corpus Christi, Christmas, among others).

On top of this, they have also carried out recovery projects such as the cleaning of the bells at the Santo Domingo and San Francisco temples, the full restoration of the bell tower in the Las Cruces parish church, the recovery of the colonial death knell on november 1 and 2 (2018 at San Francisco, 2019 at San Agustín), death knells for Nicanor Parra and Víctor Alarcón and a special death knell for the 80-year commemoration of the 1939 earthquake in the city of Chillán.

The group is currently formed by composers Sebastián Jatz, Tomás Brantmayer and Nicolás Sandoval, and pianist and musicologist Eduardo Sato.

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