First Latin American performance of John Cage's ASLSP, lasting 79 continuous hours.

The work was performed by nearly 60 musicians playing in relays in the Temple in Campus Oriente at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, within the XXVI UC Contemporary Music Festival, starting at 12:00 on Sunday, November 20 and ending at 19:00 on Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

Admission to the event was free and opening hours were between 7:00 and 22:00.

John Cage's ASLSP is a piece written in 1985 for piano or organ and one of its main features is that it doesn't have a fixed duration, thus each performance must determine its length and scale the musical events in the score. ASLSP is an abbreviation for "as slow as possible" and also refers to "Soft morning city! Lsp! ", the first exclamations in the final paragraph of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Composers Tomás Brantmayer (1992) and Sebastian Jatz Rawicz (1980) carried out the 79-hour transcription used on this occasion.

Inside the Temple in Campus Oriente, in addition to the music in progress, one could see the original score, the transcription and other related materials.

Tomás Brantmayer, Sebastián Jatz, Bárbara González, Andrés Gaete, Fernanda Ortega, Juan Pablo Abalo, Santiago Farah, Daniel Marabolí, Cristóbal de Ferari, Jaime Pancacio Rozas, Gaspar Angel, Eduardo Sato, Daniela Shejade, Nicolás Sandoval, Cristóbal Menares , Jose Manuel Gatica, Raúl Díaz, Andrés Chinchón, Colombina Parra, Santiago Astaburuaga, David Núñez, Tomás Koljatic, Elisita Balbontín, Tomás Bañados, Nicolás Carrasco, Anibal Vidal, Javier Covacevich, Winston Moya, Armando Saragoni, Martín Letelier, Nicolás Aguad, Jose Manuel Piña, Catalina Menares, Camilo Roca, Christian Delon, Sebastián Pinto, Eduardo Browne, Andrés Grumann, Manuel Segura, Paulina González, Felipe Castro, Diego Noguera, Emilio Adasme, Gerardo Figueroa, Juan Antonio Rauld, Diego Muhr, Osvaldo González, Esteban Vargas, Felipe Cussen, Nicolás Fuentes, Andrés Quezada, Cristián González, Alvaro Pacheco, Sebastián Camaño, Karla Schüller, Martín Rica, Michael Quigley and Cristián Parker.



ASLSP Transcription

Organists' book







Photographs by Jorge Brantmayer, Armando Saragoni and Catalina Menares.